Thursday, 7 January 2010

Breakeven & Talk You Down Music Video, The Script - Breakeven.

This music video is similar to my music video because it has most of the features that my music video will hopefully contain, e.g being filmed outside in a public surrounding, having some of the same camera movements and only focusing on two people throughout the whole music video. Music Video, The Script - Talk You Down.

This music video is also similar to my music video because of its fast paced jump cuts and speed of filming, it does also once again mainly focus on two people throughout the music video and tells a story like my music video, a man who has broken up with his girl friend and tries to find her so they can be backed together.

Talk You Down.
In this picture it shows us a man who has crashed his car and is flying out of the window but he flies out and meets the girl who he was trying to find.
This shows a very unique technique of media which i will not be able to perform because the level of media is too high for me to use in my music video.

In this picture there is a man singing into the microphone in front of people singing the song Breakeven. This picture is more simple to create than the other picture because it does not acquire a high level of skills to create it. This camera angle and shot is also comparable to the type of shots that will be in my music video so the viewers can see the man and what is surrounding him.

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