Thursday, 14 January 2010

Conventions Of The Music Video

The Key Conventions of my music video will be factors such as the time lapsing, camera angles and camera jump cuts, these features of the music video will be very significant in the music video because without them I believe that the music video will be very boring and tasteless.
The music video consists of some elements of the music video that are fast paced and some that are at a normal pace so it is mixed and creates more tension within the music video and without the extra ingredients of the time lapse, different camera angles and camera jumps the music video will be uninteresting.
Other Key Conventions of the music video are the scenes that the music video is filmed in, outside in a public street at rush hour, a quiet street and a bedroom, these scenes are equivalent in many other music video but I do not imagine most music video that are filmed outside has done the same type of nature as my music video.

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