Thursday, 1 October 2009

Music Video - Plans And Creations

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

The music genre I have chosen is either Rock or Pop, I chose these two genres because if have looked at some music videos from both genres and I think that these genres of music videos are more exciting, thrilling and to the point than other music videos.
The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script - Rock, The Man Who Can't Be Moved has a wide range of camera shots, angles and many placements of where the music video is set for example at one point The Script are in a car park playing the song, then the man (Danny O'Donoghue) is sitting down on the corner of the street waiting for a girl, whilst be confronted by the police to move but as the song goes he's The Man Who Can't be Moved.
They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson - Pop, They Don't Care About Us is a very open and wide ranged music video, Michael Jackson lip syncs the song whilst being in a country that is full of people who are poor and unnoticed about it, the main purpose of this song is about getting people to realise what is going on in poor countries and that no-one cares about them.
From watching different music videos and analysing them I have realised that the genre that I am going to do is Rock.

From watching music videos I am going to do the song The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script, The Man Who Can't Be Moved is a very good music compared to the others that The Script have made such as Before The Worst was set in an arena as if The Script were playing at a concert, in The Man Who Can't Be Moved its goes through a short story about a man who has broke up with his girlfriend and is singing about getting back together with her, he is waiting for her on the corner of a street and is not moving.

The Man Who Can't Be Moved uses a lot of fast paced clips as it gets into the music video this emphasises the song by making it look like the days are going very quick and he is not going to move unless the girl goes back to the corner of the street to see him.
In my music video I would want to use a replica of what The Script have used in The Man Who Can't Be Moved by using very fast and slow paced clip and using the scenery of a busy London to make the people walking in the background.
There are some things I would have to ignore such as getting a police car in the music video and moving an in tire music set to a car park in London, it would have to be staged in an isolated place so there is only the band in the music video.

In the music video there will be three people representing The Script's band, Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan And Glen Power, there will also be people who will have to play a part as people who listen to Danny sing about the girl on the street and there will be someone who will have to act as the girl who he is in love with.
Some of the props used are things like a watch, so he can tell the time of day, a cardboard that says 'If You See This Girl Can You Tell Her Where I Am', so people can know what he is doing, a picture of a girl, so people can see the girl and if they see her they can tell him where she is.

The setting of the music video is in a busy Los Angeles city street, which will be filmed in a busy London city street, as it can compare to the business of the people and traffic in the music video The Man Who Can't Be Moved.
The lighting in the music video is always bright because they are outside in the sun when the weather is good but when it time lapses it changes from day to night very quickly and when they are in the car park, lights move past in the background so it looks like there are cars going past and day is turning to night quickly.
In most of The Man Who Can't be Moved, Danny's facial expression is sad but also confused about the girl who he is waiting for because he does not know if she will ever meet him on the corner of the street.

The costumes that The Script are wearing are smart casual clothes, as are most people in the background of the video but when The Script filmed the video they filmed it in Los Angeles at a very busy period of time when people would have by going to work.

In the duration of the music video the band will together at some parts of the video but it will mainly focus on the man and the girl and what they do, the man is waiting in London for the girl to meet him and the girl is thinking about him and eventually tries to find him.

Some features are used in music videos such as changing the colour of the screen to black and white, slowing down/speeding up the video, I intend to use some of these features in my music video so I can give it a more dramatic effect with the music being played.

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